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" 93% of large organisations had a security breach last year... "
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Securus Global Ltd are an independent specialist provider of security services for both public and private clients. Our aim is to deliver all advice and services in line with the highest industry standards using all available and emerging technologies.

Serious security breaches are very often caused by multiple failures in technology, processes and people. Securus personnel review client tasks from a holistic stand point, ensuring that complete and complementary solutions are identified. Our specialist capability areas include:

Our provision of services are aimed at protecting elements of Critical National Infrastructure and other tasks of equal vulnerability or importance. We partner with other world-class industry leaders, to offer state of the art solutions to all of our customers.

With a pedigree of delivering strategic level security tasks for Government and non-Government organisations for over 20 years, you can be assured of our level of expertise and discretion.

" ...a security breach occurred every 3.25 days...several individual breaches cost more than £1m, each company's worst incident costs were between £450,000 - £850,000 "
UK Government Department for Business Innovation and Skills - Information Security Breaches Survey 2013